About Us || The Story Behind Charley Melbourne

Where it all began....

Charley Melbourne is a modern BOWtique inspired by the birth of our baby girl Charley.

I was looking for a headband to go with the outfit I had bought her for Christmas Day. I searched for weeks! I could not find what I was looking for!

So with the help of my mum (ex fashion designer) and grandma I learnt how to sew. After a few months Charley had 50+ headbands in all prints and colours. People started asking me where I got them....and that's where it all began!

I create every piece in the collection, from designing the styles to finishing the product - my husband helps me cut fabric and add the press studs to bibs and our beautiful daughter Charley is the boss - she helps pick the fabrics, and has a lot of input on what fabrics will be used for what pieces. I love to use fabrics with Native Flora's & Australian Animals, designed by local Australian artists. 

As Charley grew so did our product range. When we started styling Charley’s hair up in a ponytail, I found a lot of the products (elastic bands) were damaging her hair and so the Charley Melbourne Scrunchie was born.

The plant pot covers and cushion covers were developed in a similar way. I wanted unique pieces for my home and I started making the covers and showing some of them on my Instagram story. I had so many requests and that’s how this line of products started